what i’ve been really into lately is this idea of self-organizing, which seems to me to be the the real power of networks.

self-organizing means people can create projects: get resources, find partners, learn from past projects, share their learning and impact.

see this blog post I wrote on self-org and this co-design report from working with 2 networks.

obviously, this won’t be solved by tech alone: we need each other to practice this. so we’re thinking about 3 things:

  • learning/practice spaces (classes, communities),
  • “protocols” or “templates” for simple activities like: how to move to a more formal collaboration, how to do network weaving, how to undo cultures of racism, sexism, other oppressions,
  • network platform

my hypothesis is that tech, specifically a shared platform, can support this in key ways:

  1. find the right person
  2. give a sense of what’s going on in the network with realtime visual data (network maps! bar graphs! pie charts!)
  3. find a niche/triangulate your work in relation to the network

currently using the platform as a space to co-design and ask questions around what’s next/needed to support self-organizing.

Happens in the context of ongoing network building: infrastructure, co-design, and network weaving

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